Third party services

Besides the general testing techniques MAG-Pi offers a complete range of specialised Non-Destructive Testing methods and inspection services.
  • Integrity Management - MAG-Pi offers a Full integrity Management solution. We will plan inspection according to your needs, using systems like RBI or other analysis methods of your choice, complete inspection with a full report of your facility condition. These results can be uploaded into our inhouse developed AIMS software for continuous monitoring which is used by our corrosion engineers and RPI inspection.
  • Risk Based Inspection - Our risk based inspection service enables you to develop the best approach for your inspection activities using risk analysis. MAG-Pi will analyse the likelihood and consequences of failure and develop a cost-effective inspection plan in accordance with all government regulations and guidance.
  • In-service Diagnostics - Cost effective inspection allowing the facility or plans not to be shut or temporarily paused in order to achieve accurate inspection results without intercepting in facility operation.
  • Corrosion Monitoring - method which maps material thickness using ultrasonic techniques allowing the data to be collected and analysed using color coding for improved productivity and accuracy. MAG-Pi will generate a corrosion monitoring strategy individually for each client and help monitor the condition using modern technologies.
  • Third Party Inspection - Full range of services provided both on a temporary or permanent basis. Making your inspection results credible for the client is our number one priority.
  • Man Power Supply - MAG-Pi Group has been supporting Oil&Gas industry in the Caspian region by supplying experienced personnel as a manpower. We offer the professionals for routine maintenance and specialised projects.
  • Thermography - Is a non-contact, non-destructive testing method that utilises infrared imaging to detect flaws in a variety of structures. MAG-Pi has Level III certified technicians, making this advanced method of inspection available for our clients.
  • Pre/Post Heat Treatment Services - The thing that sets MAG-Pi apart in the Pre-Heat & Post Weld Heat Treating process is our ability to assist you with any application – no matter how routine or specialized.
    PWHT reduces the residual stresses formed during welding. It also restores the macro structure of the steel. Mandatory in high pressure applications, constructors have to strictly follow PWHT requirements to avoid component failures.
  • Level 3 Services - We can provide a Level 3 experience expert who will assist you with validation of the procedure, operations organization, staff training, equipment training, inspection test plan, and writing procedures.
  • Painting/Coating Inspection - Our personnel can inspect painting and coating of your structures, piping and parts, having international qualification along with high end equipment. We also can assist other service companies by providing 3rd Party Inspection on their painting/coating projects.
  • Welding Inspection - MAG-Pi has 3.1 and 3.2 CSWIP trained welding inspectors always ready to assist in your projects both full-time and as a 3rd Party Inspection.
  • Rope Access - Rope access systems are quicker, more cost effective and statistically – safer to install and operate than most alternative access methods. Allowing easy access to any location our rope access team is ready to mobilise to any site immediately to provide a client with quality inspection service.
  • Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) - We offer various Drill Pipes/OCTG inspection services for a number of clients in the Caspian sea region. Inspectors are qualified by API/DS-1/MS-2 Standards.